Year 5’s Design, Make and Innovate.

Year 5 have integrated technology into their “Design, Make and Innovate” projects this term. The children were asked to design and make a toy using recyclable materials, with the help of two year 9 mentors from Mackellar High School. They were given two half-day design days and one day to create their masterpieces.

As well as creating their toy, the children also produced a design portfolio which documented the design and make process over time. As well as documenting their design in written forms, the children also used iPads. They used Notability to document the process, allowing them to display their sketches, pictures and video alongside the notes they published about their project. Using Notability gave children the opportunity to present their work in a creative manner at the Expo day and the slideshows and presentations generated a lot of meaningful conversation with the audience.

It was also hoped that the children would have an opportunity to develop a TV commercial selling their toy with the use of iMovie, but unfortunately school interruptions prevented this from happening. We’ll save the idea for next time!

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