Year 3 @ Manly West

Year 3 have had a blast with the visual literacy unit that we have developed as part of this project. This unit is called “Pictures Tell The Story” and was adapted from a sample unit from the new English curriculum website. The children have explored the wordless picture book “Tuesday” as well as the short films “Paperman” and “All About Birds”.

The children have had the opportunity to explore a number of different iPad applications as linked to the unit. They have created character descriptions using “Skitch” and “PicCollage” and have experimented with angles and perpectives with the camera, which they imported and described in “Notability”. The children have also created their own picture books using the iBook maker “Scribble Press” and they have manipulated the mood and tone of images by using the “Luminance” app. The open-ended nature of the tasks has allowed all students to succeed and fulfill their potential. They children have had opportunities to showcase their work to their teachers and peers and are so proud of their achievements.

The unit is unlike anything I have ever taught before and unlike anything the children have ever done in class before. It is fantastic seeing how much fun the children are having and just how engaged they are in their learning.

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