Year 2 Donkey Unit

In year 2 we have focused on 2 books for our Donkeys unit. We have looked in depth at My Uncle’s Donkey by Tobhy Riddle as well as The Wonkey Donkey by Craig Smith. Through this unit we have explored different way in which a story can be told to other by using different medias. We first read the book as a whole class we went onto YouTube and explored all the ways that a story can be modified to suit the listener’s needs. We looked at person reading the book and being filmed, the pictures of the story being show with a voice over as well as an animation of the book. Students were asked to

In pairs students went onto Popplet to create a mind map of which way they preferred to have the story told to them. It was very surprising that 90% of t the children preferred having the book read to them by the teacher.

Popplet donkey

To consolidate the students knowledge of Popplet we did a comparison of the two donkey text’s. Students had to create a Popplet to express which book they preferred and why.

Apps that have been used for visual literacy outside of the Donkeys unit is Strip Design, students worked in pairs to create a comic strip. Students worked together to come up with a concept and characters and then storyboard their ideas before using the app. Students can storyboard with liquid chalk on windows. We will hopefully build up to using FlipBook that is a more complicated app however it has more capabilities than Strip Design.

Where we are going

We want to take the approach of writing like an author. The student will write their own version of My Uncles Donkey and then we will use the Ipads to explore different ways in which we can communicate our text.

Apps that we will be using

Book Creator – To do a digital version of their book

Imovie – Create a movie trailer for their book

This unit has been tremendously successful because all the students have been engaged and it caters for all ability levels. It allows for all students to have successes and create a quality piece of work that they are proud of.

Ipad Apps


Book Creator



Strip Design


Tara Doggett

Year 2

Manly West

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