XO Open day

On Friday 1R was privileged to be a part of the OLPC open day showcasing the work teachers and classes were doing with their XO devices. A number of principals and staff from Sydney West had the opportunity to visit the school and work in the new Tech Hub as well as tour classes to see the XOs in action. In Year 3 students were working on a comprehension passage,in year 5 students were completing maths and literacy groups with activities and in 1R our students were engaged in groups creating jigsaw puzzles from photographs they had taken,using Tux paint to draw and write about their favourite sea creature, making a matching game using their weekly spelling words, collaborating using the chat function to share information about what they can do to protect the sea and accessing the internet to use a game to practise phonics. All visitors were impressed with what the students have been able to do in such a short time frame -some classes have only had devices for three weeks.

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