Where to from here…

Review, reflect, and renew…how to transform learning to achieve potential?

Plan to develop an action research model to begin a process of evolving pedagogical change in Stage 3 leading to change within the school.  We plan to use ipads to promote this change. A vehicle..to improve the reading outcomes of our students. Later this term we will roll out ipads 1-1 for our Year 6 students, year 5 students will share a bank.

Starting small…ipads are used by teachers to transform the learning to develop student centred lessons.

The use of apple TV, educreations, ibooks, i-movie, keynote etc. have already allowed communicative and collaborative learning within my own classroom. I am tracking student learning with idoeceo….these tools have enabled me to enhance my teaching, engage learners and simplify my administrative roll.

Further planning and reflection will be centred in creating a model to support action research in 21st Century Learning amongst the staff on Stage 3.





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