What holiday?

The ball is well and truly rolling on our projects! We have started implementing our ‘Neo-Shakespeare’ unit with year 9 and even though it has only been a few lessons things are running smoothly. I did encounter a problem today trying to use a site called ‘todaysmeet.com’ in which I was hoping students could show off their Shakespearean language skills in an online, interactive format- however the site was blocked! This seems to be a reoccurring theme with a lot of really useful websites.


Work is progressing on our year 7 sustainability unit which we hope to finalise soon. Nathalie is busy collating parent emails so we can send out information about our differentiated curriculum (only one class will be involved in our trial of the unit at this stage). We will also be surveying them in regards to BYOD and Kathleen has helped to put a questionnaire together for this.


Our iPads have arrived and though I am yet to see one we are hoping to have them up and ready in the next week. We will also need to learn how to sync them and start to troubleshoot ways for students to save and access work on them.


We have also ordered two document cameras for use in our new units of work and I can see these becoming popular tools in the classroom to show-off student work and offer immediate feedback. These will also be useful with our Year 9 Shakespeare unit in which some of the classes will be using a graphic novel version of the text.


It’s only week two and it feels like the holidays are a distant memory! But it feels good to be finally using some of the programs we have spent so long discussing and designing.

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