Use of iPADs to support comprehension

Throughout this project, we have experimented with various apps to support comprehension and literacy within the classroom. With the focus on these strategies, we have been able to plan and assess various learning experiences. The following list outlines apps that have been found to be useful.


Book Creator: I have used this app to track student progress and learning in HSIE. For some of this term, my focus has been on summarising as a comprehension strategy. Students created a book using information learnt throughout the term and relevant research. They needed to summarise and evaluate relevant information to create a reader-friendly book which will be read by other students on the stage at the end of term. This gives students the ability to track their own learning, engage with literacy across the key learning areas and produce an interactive book. This project has allowed students to work collaboratively as one iPAD was used for a group of 4-5 students. It seemed to be an effective solution to the ratio of iPADs to students.


Educreations – this app allows students to record their own information. I have often used this app as an assessment tool. Students are required to ‘explain’ a topic and are able to demonstrate their learning using the drawing and writing tools in the app. This can be viewed later by myself to check understanding and is a good way to support students when they are monitoring their own learning.


Camera and Videolicious – using the camera to record student information has been a great way to track their learning. Students are in the process of ‘publishing’ their information reports by filming a ‘documentary’. This has been a good way to focus on reading fluency as students   need to focus on their own fluency during practices to enhance their presentation. Reading fluency is also a part of our Focus on Reading program.



Wireless Access – there are a few teaching and learning experiences that will be enhanced when our wireless access is up an running. I am hoping to use the student’s edmodo accounts to track their group work online whilst using the iPADS. I am also planning to use dropbox as a method of uploading, marking and providing feedback to students. Google documents is being used in the classroom on the computers to create group work. The students are creating a fortnightly newsletter to showcase work and summarise their learning experiences for their peers and parents to see. I am excited about the way I can use the iPADs to streamline this process.


Overall the use of iPADS has been an exciting experience in the classroom!


Catherine Price

Regentville Public School

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