Update at Pymble PS

* Ipads have been ordered for each staff member and 20 ipads for students. YAY!!! The student ipads will be used mainly for Kindy, yr 1 and 2 as the primary students in particular yrs 4,5,6  have banks of laptops.

* The team meets every Friday to discuss the project and its direction. This morning we were informed ipads will be arriving within the next two weeks. We are going to have a TPL in week 9 for the staff to share information, apps, and support any staff members who are unfamiliar with the technology. We also discussed Tony Wagner’s capacities and how these plus explicit teaching can help to guide our units of work. Ruth, who is leading the implementation of the new curriculum has found great models of composing texts that the staff can utilise in the grades when creating their units of work on writing.

Until next time…. Lucinda


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