Up and running…

Our project is now up and running at Manly West.

Our involved teaches in Grades 1-5 have finalised their English units of work in the last week. These units are linked to the new Australian English curriculum and some have been based on the sample units that are available online. Many of us have experimented with using the program builder online, which is really an amazing tool! We have also aimed to make explicit the Quality Teaching elements which are addressed in each unit. More information on each unit will be posted soon.

Most of the team have now begun implementing our units in classrooms. The aim is for involved teachers in each grade to trial these units in their own classroom and then to “mentor” other teachers in teaching these units. The majority of this mentoring is likely to revolve around implementing the technology-related lessons effectively, particularly those involving iPads. Teachers involved in the project will be released to mentor other teachers within their classrooms and opportunities will also be offered for teachers to come and observe lessons in other classrooms.

Our optional after-school Technology workshops also began this week, led by our Technology Team. As noted in an earlier post, these workshops aim to equip our teachers with the technology skills they will need to teach in a 21st century classroom. The last two weeks have involved ‘iPad for Beginners’ workshops and the feedback we have received from teachers who have attended has been great. We have scheduled another six workshops for the remainder of the term and we will then seek staff feedback so that additional opportunities can be offered in Term 3.

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