Two Different Directions

The Stage 3 Natural Disaster’s unit is travelling down two directions. The first is an investigation of picture books to help with the understanding of natural disasters and the other is an investigation of effective evacuation plans.

In the first investigation students are currently exploring various picture books and a short novel about Natural Disasters.  Students are looking deeply at the text, illustrations, structure, language features, purpose and audience. Students are currently using IPAD apps such as Popplet and imindmap to organise the information they are collating. In addition, students are also using various organisers that have been designed to  guide their investigation. With the information they collect, students we be asked to identify the key elements of the picture books through the use of the Lane Clark Think it Great process with the intention to design and write their own picture book, ebook,or  imovie (depending on student choice and the technology available).

In the second direction and investigation, students are currently collating the information on natural disasters, already researched. They are completing a cross classification chart where they have been asked to identify the disasters that could affect them directly. With this, students will identify the need for evaluation plans. This will lead to students  assessing, analysing and evaluating current school evacuation procedures. With this, students will be guided in writing their own and designing support material for all classes in the case of a future emergency. J

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