Turramurra High

I have really enjoyed the day. It is interesting to listen to the approach of other teachers and hear where they have got with their planning. One of the big things that I shall take from today to keep the project on track  is that I need  to create a clear, manageable plan for what we are going to do. As part of that plan we need to establish both short and long term milestones for it. Other types of things I will need to do to ensure the success of the project is to ensure that there is collaboration both with the NS5 schools and with my staff. I envisage that most of the history staff at our school will be contributing to the project in some way and so need to be on board with this.

As each of the teachers were presenting, I thought about issues that might arise – like where do I get the time to do this, who should take key roles in the programming, how do I get resisters on board?

To ensure success of this project I would also like to consult with some of the staff at the other schools who teach the same KLA in order to establish what they want from this programming. This will need to be done very early in the project.  I do not want to produce a programme that they find difficult or even irrelevant  to implement.


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