Turramurra High. Stepping up……………

It has been a very busy couple of weeks with more to come. Two of our team have been to the  HTA Conference which was fantastic and several of us are going or have been to book launches for the new curriculum. With the HTA in particular we all learned more about the new curriculum and in particular, ways in which it could be implemented. There was an excellent lecture on literacy and suggestions for the incorporation of literacy in our teaching programs. Justine has been reading about visible thinking and is including that in our program for China. In addition a couple of us have visited NBCS. One of the biggest things I carried away from that was that it is better to try and fail than not to try at all. The other message for me was the importance of collaboration both among the students but particularly among the staff.

Although we wrote a booklet last year for China based on the new curriculum it has been undergoing massive changes. While the content remains similar, the method of delivery is changing by the day. It is very exciting to get time to change our practices. Visible thinking, inquiry learning, the big question, ICT are all part of this new practice. We have experimented with some of this in our Overview of the Ancient World but there will be more changes in China. Most of us are very keen and we hope our enthusiasm will bring the more reluctant on board.

Although we continue to use booklets in our classroom, we have decided to create a website as our platform  to share with the other schools what we have done. I am a bit nervous but very keen. Our visit to the Northern Beaches Christian School was the facilitator to that idea. This school uses Moodle as their platform but the presentation of programs and units of work look interesting rather than dull. A discussion of Moodle led to the suggestion of a website which one of the presenters at the HTA Conference had used.

Over the next week or two, a great deal will happen – I am hoping that the project will start to come together.


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