The Journey Thus Far….

I’m delighted and inspired by the attitude of my project teachers as they collaboratively plan and teach using the new English English Syllabus K-10 with the intergartion of new technology. In our case Ipads. Our teachers have been very mindful to ensure they plan lesson content where the technology adds to the learning. On the first day of Ipad use, I walked through the classroom. Yr 6 students were engaged, motivated and talking about the topic at hand. One student said, she had never used an Ipad before…. this surprised me.

Project teachers are very grateful of the time given to collaboratively plan. This they say has been most beneficial, they have learnt so much from one another. Our Teacher Librarian one of the project team, who team teaches with most K-6 classes, has introduced the Ipads to most classes. The school is buzzing. Although for term 2, the Ipads we have purchased will be used mostly by S3 classes, I can see teachers in other grades bringing their persoanl devices in and getting their students to use them. it’s contagious.

Trying to scrounge money from from all corners to purchase an additional 10 Ipads, the syncing trolley and an Apple computer.

Loving this new world!

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