Term 4 with Miss Maroun and 4M

Hello everyone,
Let me share with you some very excitng news…..
4M and Miss Maroun received the new touch screen XO’s. These small and effective laptop XO’s have given 4M the opportunity to use the different programs during class lessons. We used ‘Graph activity’ for maths and it had the variety of different graphing data. We have continued to use ‘Write Activity’ for our writing tasks. Also investiagting different changes on the new XO’s such as having internet connection, they are touch, more programs available etc…


Tomorrow we have booked in time to visit the Technology Hub to utlise the rescources and materials avaliable. We will closely focus on photography, film editing and role playing with different background scenes and working together as a whole class.


4M will be visiting the computer lab to begin brainstorming ideas for their “inquiry Learning project’. Using Ipads in the classroom to research and note down information, XO’s and Technology Hub.


The next 4 weeks 4M will be working with a teacher Mr Truong from University of Western Sydney (UWS) on a pilot project based around ‘active play/ photography’. Last week we had fun games and ice breaker activities. 4M are looking forward to working with new devices and learning new ideas around ‘active play’.

Stay tuned to more exciting and fun learning with Miss Maroun and 4M.

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