Term 3 Progress

In Term 3, our CC21 project is now in the stages of sharing and supporting staff in implementing our developed units and also effectively integrating iPads into their classroom practice.

We had the opportunity to share our projects with our staff during our recent Staff Development Day. All teachers involved in the CC21 project has table set up with our units and work samples from the children and our staff rotated through the groups to see what we have been up to, particularly how we have integrated iPads. The activity worked really well and the feedback we got from staff was great. I feel this activity generated a lot of interest from remaining staff in using iPads in their own classrooms, particularly from reluctant staff.

So far this term, we have released teachers from our team to allow them opportunities to work with other staff on their grades. This has worked very well in Year 1, Year 2 and Kindergarten so far and we will be releasing more teachers in coming weeks to work with remaining grades. I had the opportunity to work in Kindergarten classes last week and set up some simple Literacy Group rotations using iPads. The children utilised the app Visual Literacy to practise their Magic 100 words, Pic Collage to take photos and brainstorm adjectives and Scribble Press to create sentences practising ‘Bossy E’ words. The Kindergarten children were very engaged and the teachers were blown away by how quickly Kindergarten children actually picked up the skills to use the iPads independently.

Based on feedback from staff, we will soon be resuming our after school ICT workshops. We have e-mailed staff to determine areas of need and interest. The workshops we have allocated for this term is Using iPads in K-2 Literacy and Numeracy, using Book Creator and Scribble Press to create interactive books, using iMovie, Edmodo and an additional iPads Tips and Tricks for Beginners workshop. These workshops were successful in Term 2 and we hope additional workshops will continue to build staff skills and confidence with iPad use.

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