Tech Coaching in year 2

Last week I went into 3 other year 2 classes to do the first lesson in our Donkey’s unit.  We went through My uncles Donkey and the different ways that a book can be relayed to readers.  Then we went through popplet (app) to express our opinion on which way they prefer to have the book shown to them. Like my class almost all of them preferred having the teacher read them the story.  It was great going into other classroom and team teaching with the other teachers. Plus now they have started the lessons so hopefully they can keep going with the Donkey unit.


On a side note, the children in my class wrote their own version of my Uncle’s Donkey in pairs and then made a book of it in Book Creator (app). I have to say this was fantastic, all the students in my class were engaged and all of them actually completed the task. Plus the quality of the text that they produced was really very good. The highlight for them was going and showing their work off to other teachers and the principal. I really recommend giving this app a try, the kids will love it!!!!!!!!!!


This week making a trailer of their book in imovie.


Tara Dogget

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