Tech Breakfast and more Socrative

Last Friday, we had our first Tech Breakfast at Killara High School.  This is an initiative set up by Kathleen Curtis which she is rotating around the NS5 schools.  We saw some fantastic demonstrations including Google Earth for Geography, although there are many uses for other subject areas too, and Popplet, a fantastic mind mapping tool.  After the success of introducing the mathematics faculty to Socrative, we were asked to present it at the Tech Breakfast too. This enabled us to involve the rest of the school in the work that we are doing in the CC21 project.

I wanted to provide some introductory notes on the use of Socrative for teachers that weren’t there, but stumbled upon the following blog which does the job just fine – no need to reinvent the wheel.

One thing which I discovered over the weekend was the “share” function.  Teachers can share the quizzes they design by providing other teachers with their SOC code.  There are also a number of quizzes available online with SOC codes.  Using the SOC code, teachers can “import” the quiz into their own accounts and then use as is, or edit to suit their own classes.

The teachers at the Tech Breakfast seemed genuinely excited about the possibilities of using Socrative and are going to report their findings back to us.

Click on the Introduction to Socrative link for a YouTube video tutorial.

Shirley Tubb.

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