Stage 4 History NS5 Planning meeting#1 Evelyn Stevenson

Today four of the teachers who are working on the project met together to plan further. This was the first real meeting for some of them. We spent about half an hour discussing exactly what the project was and something of their roles in this.

Initially I had envisaged working on a programme and resources for Egypt. After a bit of discussion it became clear that it would actually be best to work on China. We have already created resources to fit the Australian curriculum on China and trialled it last year. We could see that there were quite a lot of areas where we needed to make adjustments. There were obvious points of weakness. This is partly because, as teachers, in the normal scheme of things, we work under time constraints.In particular, we felt that it should be more inquiry based. We also decided to changed the nature of the assessment that was attached to the task.

Much of our time today was spent discussing this aspect of the unit.(the assessment task) We decided to backward map from the assessment task. This task will be a rich assessment task which will be inquiry based. It will incorporate group work, source analysis, a written task and a reflection on that task.

Over the next week we shall be focusing on this task and examining other aspects of the unit that need to be altered to embed the skills needed to get the most out of the task. We will trial different combinations of groups, and various platforms to present and store what they are learning. At this stage we shall probably use Edmodo as our platform of choice and I will ensure that the students become familiar with using it. We also plan to use popplet as a mindmapping tool and will therefore get them to practice both using it as a group and a individuals.
Next Friday I shall be attending a PL day which examines the overviews and depth studies in the new curriculum – this also may lead to changes in the way we incorporate this aspect of the curriculum.
I found this a very productive day- we have a much better idea of the path we are taking.

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