Stage 4 History NS5 Planning Meeting #1 – Victoria Yaffe

Today four staff from Turramurra High School met to start a formal planning process for the implementation of Stage 4 History for the new National Curriculum to be delivered in 2014.

As this was the first meeting with everyone’s  involvement, Evelyn who had attended the initial discussions, outlined the scope of the project and what our focus areas for the day would be, along with some suggestions as to how we might best address the overall planning process.

After a brief discussion on what topic we might use as a pilot program, we agreed that we would amend a unit of work on Ancient China with the specific focus being inquiry based learning.  We agreed that this would act as a driver to initiate  a wider variety of learning experiences for students in line with 21st century pedagogy.  It was decided that we would work on a rich assessment task based on Qin Shi Huahgdi. For some components of this task, prior learning of specific skills would be needed and therefore taught as part of the overall unit.

As a starting point, we looked at backward mapping for this task and ended up with an assessment that will be comprised of four main components, spanning across two to three lessons.  These components will be made up of group work tasks, source analysis, an in class written task and an evaluation of the whole task and process. In terms of  appropriate platforms to use for the various components we thought that Popplet for would be an effective web2 tool. The students could then create collaborative mind maps as part of the source analysis component. We also envisage using Edmodo as the platform for storing and sharing information for the tasks the students are working on.

Over the next few weeks we will work on the unit structure and specific lesson ideas that incorporate greater use of ICT tools with a view to enhancing the unit of work that was taught last year.

I had a really interesting and productive day and now have a clearer idea of the direction we a moving as a team.

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