Stage 1 Inquiry Based Learning Unit: Present and Past Family Life

Stage 1 CC21 members today continued to work on our stage HSIE unit for next term titled Present and Past Family Life.

After our last planning day, we had already established the basic outline of the unit and had incorporated both English and HSIE outcomes and indicators. We planned the term’s unit which would run over 10 weeks. We decided this would be taught everyday so there would be at least five sessions per week. The unit was established using the inquiry model. The big idea for our unit was How have things changed over time and this idea would then have contributing questions which the students will develop themselves as the unit progresses. The unit will include Aboriginal life, technology and the environment reflecting the big idea of how these concepts change over time. It will incorporate modelled, guided and independent learning.

Students will be required to develop their inquiry skills and produce a final assessment which will be the end result of the unit, however, peers and self assessment will be ongoing throughout the unit.

We continued to develop these ideas today and developed a rubric for assessment and assessment strategies that will support the inquiry process.

As we began to put the program together we looked at various resources that would be beneficial to use throughout the unit such as technology, research material and multi- literacies.

We are very excited to continue to develop our program and we look forward to the end result so this can be implemented in our classes next term.


Stage 1

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