SOS: save our stuff????

We had another day planning on Friday to try and organise the two units we are trialling this term and what we need to do in the lead up to the showcase. Because our programs are only just beginning to be implemented (one doesn’t start for another few weeks) we won’t have ‘finished product’ student work samples. Instead we have tried to plan some progressive work samples we can collect, more in line with an assessment for learning approach.

While we have a lot of ideas and moments of excitement and inspiration, it feels like we keep coming up against technological barriers. Our iPads have arrived and are ready for use any day now, however we are still struggling with how these can be effectively SHARED and used; primarily because it seems to be really difficult to get student work OFF the iPads. This is something we will have to look into further and I’m sure we are not the only school having these problems.

I’m still unsure about the effectiveness and usability of a ‘device agnostic’ BYOD program and I’m beginning to be a little irritated that this is being pushed and encouraged by the state government and the department of education yet they don’t seem to be doing anything to actually help implement this. Schools are great problem solvers HOWEVER the guinea pig stage can be incredibly frustrating (and not particularly effective).

On a more positive note I think our Year 7 Sustainability unit is going to be really engaging and I’m looking forward to seeing how it develops. I’m also looking forward to playing with our new toys! (for educational purposes of course…)

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