small steps towards success Evelyn Stevenson

Last week we took a few more steps on the project. Firstly we have started to trial the Overview with a few classes. Each of the teachers doing this are making notes on how it is going as well as recommendations for improvements to it. We are also finding relevant visual content that we can use now as well as later. When we find something we will always put it in the Faculty folder so that other teachers have access to it. We have this policy with homework, tests, and any material that we think may be useful for someone else. This collaboration and sharing of resources is invaluable to our teaching, especially when much of the material and even method is new.

Secondly, Victoria and I sat down on Thursday to write up the assessment task for China and the work that will precede and facilitate it. Victoria is doing the leg work for this. I acted as someone to bounce ideas off. We shall meet back next week to see how she is proceeding with this.

We also had an instructive conversation with our teacher librarian, Ruth Grace about the virtues and difficulties of the i pad. There is a class set in the library which they are just getting operational. Unfortunately, there are substantial teething problems particularly with saving work. I would be very interested to hear how other schools are managing this issue. At first glance, a tablet appears a better option. More information needs to be gathered to make an informed decision on this………

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