Sharing Apps – ‘appy time for all!

Today 20 groups from various schools and sectors in DEC got together to share the apps that they use in their schools. Staff came from Western Sydney, South West Sydney, the Blue Mountains, Richmond and North Western Sydney (old regions we know but it gives you an idea of the mix). Staff expertise was also a mix – L@ST, OC teachers, mainstream teachers, ESL, student services staff and quality teaching consultants. Although primary schools dominated, it was great to have some of our high school colleagues present.

In just over an hour, each person got to see 20 different uses of apps.  Although some apps were repeated, it was interesting to see how different schools used these apps in different ways.  Blacktown Boys HS also commented that it was interesting to see ‘how far along primary schools were’. If each person only walked out with one useful app – then we consider the day successful.  The highlight for us was getting to make connections with so many other colleagues in such a short time. We know that we will be strengthening ties with many of these schools.  Thanks to everyone that came along and made this event a success.

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