RPS – Glenmore Park LC Website

The following images are screen shots of the Glenmore Park┬áLearning Community’s website.

The website is still a few weeks away from going live for all members of the Learning Alliance.


Home Page GPLC

The image above shows the home screen for the website. We have used a template from the School Website Services of DEC. This home page has scrolling photos of the four schools involved, a calendar that will include professional learning sessions across all four schools and connecting pages for English, Mathematics, History and Science and Technology.

English Page GPLC

Each of the KLA areas will have pages for all 4 stages. Each stage page will have sections for Scope and Sequence, Units of Work and Assessment.

It is hoped that schools and teachers will provide the content for these pages so that it can be accessed by all members of the Learning Alliance.

Page 3 GPLC



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