RPS Context, Changes, Plans

We are currently working on Phase 2 of “Focus on Reading”(FOR) as part of our preparation for the English syllabus. This involves teachers completing  three to four modules each term with designated readings and tasks for classroom practice that are used as a basis for reflective group discussions.  The teachers are implementing FOR strategies into their teaching/learning programs with the support of ICT through Ipads and Interactive Whiteboards. There has been a significant increase in teacher dialogue around explicit strategies for teaching comprehension.

Our school is leading the establishment of a curriculum team that includes schools from within our Community of Schools (COS) group. This team is looking at utilising the expertise of the FOR leaders at RPS to conduct Phase 1 modules in the local schools. They are also looking to develop a framework  for the introduction and implementation phases of the English syllabus that can be used as a model for upcoming new syllabus documents in the next few years.

My initial actions will include ensuring that meetings of stakeholders take place to put into place a working framework and timeline for our COS. I will also coordinate the final planning for our School Development Days at the beginning of Term 2.

Over the next fortnight I am intending to explore a variety of digital options for communication between the member schools. This will involve liaising with FOR leaders and principals from COS group.


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