RPS CC21 Presentation to staff

Monday 13th May 2013


Regentville CC21 Project Presentation to Staff

We presented the CC21 Project to our staff and discussed the two  directions of the CC21 Project. The introduction discussed the web page (Community of Schools). Staff had their first view of the contents of the website. Our second project direction showcased the introduction of our newly purchased iPads (and selected apps) and discussed how we  endeavoured to  implement them into three focus classrooms.

We discussed the outline and  goals for our project and how we wanted teachers to      actively use iPads within their daily teaching programs and routines incorporating the Focus on Reading strategies .

The selected apps for the iPads have focussed on both Teacher and Student apps. Teacher apps have incorporated assessment tools and data collection along with a variety of apps that allow teachers to share information with colleagues and students.

We distributed an EOI for committed and interests teacher to share to become apart of the action research team at  Regentville to trial these apps and iPads within their class over a series of weeks.

We had a positive response to the EOI and have selected teachers and their classes to trial these iPads within their classrooms. We were able to select teachers from different stages to trial these iPads that would in turn allow us a great scope of information and data collection from a divers group of students across a variety of  platforms  (age, academic  astuteness, class dynamics and IT skills).

R.P.S Project Team include: Mrs Cat Price, Mrs Emily Warne, Mrs Rebecca Palmer and Mrs Rachel Sellen. (Classroom teachers)

Our next step is to meet with the R.P.S CC21 Project Team (including the assigned    teachers) to further explain the our Action Research Plan. We endeavour to use this   research as  Professional Development to share expert knowledge and ICT skills amongst our colleagues to further develop teaching and learning opportunities at R.P.S.

Our R.P.S plan is to then use our first direction of our project and our Community of Schools webpage to share both professional dialogue and knowledge and to encourage and implement 21st Century skills in both teaching and learning opportunities.

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