RPS CC21 iPads and Apps

One of our main goals involving this CC21 Project is for teachers to generate meaningful and engaging learning opportunities and experiences for students and to strategically use ICT to enhance teaching and learning opportunities. The main goal is to have teachers who are confident in using the iPad and Apps to then team up with other colleagues to share their knowledge and expertise. This in turn will hopefully provide ongoing support and Professional Learning for all staff.

Several teachers have commented on the fact that this is a great opportunity to learn from colleagues. Many teachers are keen to use iPads in their classrooms, although would like more direction in how they can be incorporated into everyday routines and lessons. We have had many positive and supportive comments in regards to team teaching and sharing ideas with the use of iPads and Apps within the classroom.

A discussion on the rating and variety of Apps is enormous, almost so that you could create an App Review team to ensure that the Apps selected are the most useful in purpose, budget and up-to-date. We selected a variety of free and purchased apps for the trial. Some were eliminated early as they had limited functions. Others required subscriptions although, have great potential in the classroom i.e. NearPod for example.      Posted by Donna

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