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Regentville Public School

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28-34 Schoolhouse Rd, Regentville NSW 2745    Phone   4733 1615    Fax   4733 4022

Regentville Public School boasts a proud history, having been established in 1868. We are currently one of the largest primary schools in the Penrith district. We provide a happy, secure learning environment where literacy, numeracy and student welfare are priority areas. The school is highly successful in a wide range of sporting and the creative and performing arts programs. The school has an active P&C who has raised funds to assist the use of ICT across the school by  purchasing addtional Interactive Whiteboards, Ipads and computers.

Project Plan

Our plan involves the introduction and implementation plans of the new English syllabus with a view to creating a model for use with other new syllabus. We have created a small learning community alliance within our larger community of schools. There are three other schools involved, Surveyors Creek PS, Glenmore Park PS and Warragamba PS. This alliance is being lead by Corinna Robertson AP at Regentville PS. She has led the ‘Focus on Reading’ professional learning at Regentville and is now providing support for the local schools.

In addition to that, she is leading a team of eight consisting of two members from each school. They have developed a plan for School Development Day 2 (Tuesday 30 April).  Each school will host staff from a learning stage for a morning session where the team members will lead the introduction of the new syllabus using a Powerpoint presentation created by the organising team. This presentation has been created using DEC modules that have been adapted and modified specifically for these short, introductory sessions. This will encourage professional dialogue between teachers from different schools teaching the same age group. After the morning session, staff will return to their schools for feedback sessions.  Staff at the schools have been enrolled in the online modules “Teaching for the New Curriculum” and “The Learner and the New Curriculum” which are to be completed by the end of Week 1 Term 2.

The second part of our project is to create a Glenmore Park Learning Community webpage that will be used as a focal point for staff at all four schools. This webpage has been registered with the DEC School Website Services and will be administered by Regentville PS. It will contain a variety of resources developed by staff in the learning alliance including professional learning, units of work, videos, photos and links to assist staff with the new syllabus.

We are currently looking at effective means of communication between the eight members of the organising team. This is an area that assistance from MacICT will be investigated.



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