Regentville PS – Local Schools Group

We have a working committee made up of two representatives from each of the following schools:- Regentville PS, Glenmore Park PS, Surveyors Creek PS and Warragamba PS. This working committee is formulating a framework for the introduction of the English syllabus to the staff at all four schools.

Corinna Robertson (AP) from Regentville PS is leading this team who are planning to share their expertise across the group of schools. The major focus is for the School Development Day on Tuesday 30 April 2013. The team has allocated one stage group to each school for the morning session (8.30am to 11am). This session will be lead by team members and will involve an overview of the English syllabus, followed by a period of time for teachers to explore the syllabus online and the resources available. The session will conclude with a reflection period before returning to home schools.

At Regentville PS all staff have been enrolled into the online courses “The learner and the new curriculum” and “Teaching for the new curriculum”. Some staff have formed small working groups to complete the first module together while others are working on them individually.

More details about the framework in future posts. DB

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