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TERM 2 update at JPPS …

  • Can you explain how your “collaborative planning” is occurring? How is this being organised, who are the key players and in what ways is it collaborative?

JPPS staff are used to working collaboratively so this process fits well into our school plan. The planning for this project occurs across the CC21 team. The team consists of Principal, exec staff and teachers. It is collaborative as ideas are discussed, implemented and revised. Trials are made and shared and children’s input is gathered

  • Can you explain how the “digital tracking device” works in the classroom? What take-up has there been and how does this device enhance learning?

The digital tracking devices work as an assessment gathering tool. It tracks students on the literacy and numeracy continuum with the ability to upload worksamples for CTJ discussions and evidence of work samples. This is only being trial in ES1 as these teachers have the expertise and experience in tracking this data since the beginning of the year. We are starting small, creating mentors and building on successes in the future.

  • Can you identify specific areas of the Australian Curriculum literacy and numeracy that you are exploring?

The area we are exploring is Australian Curriculum :English. We are looking at multi modal texts and their impacts in the classroom. We are using Apple technology with our stage 3 GATS class to use an APP to develop their own texts through independent work projects.

  • On March 24th, you identify some clear goals how is the project team progressing in relation to these goals? Do you require any assistance from the CC21 team?
  • Please be sure you are up to date with regular (weekly) blog posts. This is our way of keeping up to date with developments in your project.  


  • Can you provide any images (e.g. classroom teaching, student samples, professional development sessions) that reflect your school’s involvement in CC21 and demonstrate your team’s progress?

During Term 2 SDD staff were investigating Australian Curriculum documents and particularly the writing strand. Staff shared dialogue on necessity of multi modal texts and their importance in the classroom. ES1 have also investigated tracking students on the spot using digital technologies. Staff now share a language and are beginning to use technologies in teaching, learning and assessment- a step forward for our school

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