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Quakers Hill Public School

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Medlow Drive, Quakers Hill NSW 2763   Phone   9626 9284 Fax  9837 1152

Quakers Hill Public School opened in 1912 and is the oldest school in this rapidly expanding suburb. Quality education has been provided to this community throughout those years. To enable this to occur, the school places a special emphasis on a wide range of proactive student welfare, pastoral care and educational programs.


Project Plan

Over the last two years we have been fortunate enough to work with Apple, Promethean, Nirimba TAFE and external DEC staff to provide professional learning experiences for our school community.  Teacher professional learning has included training in iPads, iPods, Activexpressions, the Connected Classroom, Mathletics, Reading eggs and the interactive syllabus and continuums.  To support ICT across the school, we have also purchased 135 iPads, 15 iPods, 30 active expressions, 6 apple TVs, 35 IWBs and 278 PCs.  We have established 2 podded classrooms – where there is one computer between every 2 children and have set up a wireless classroom consisting of 22 netbooks and 6 microsoft surfaces.

With staff continually developing and strengthening their skills in ICT, they are now looking towards including the theories of Stephen Heppell – the idea that technology will impact on the physical layout and learning environment of the everyday classroom.

Through the CC21 project, our school will set up a classroom that will support 21st century learners.  This room will hold a variety of devices that support ICT (eg; digital microphones, lego robotics, X-box, IWB, bloggies, nintendo DS, 3D printers, iPads, androids).  Classes can utilise this room as they would a computer lab – we consider this our computer lab of the future.  This room will be ever-changing and new technologies will be constantly  introduced.  Besides being a place for classes to utilise, we also see it as a training area for staff (both internal and external) and the wider community. Our long term goal is for staff to take away ideas from this ‘model room’ and transform their own classrooms into exciting and challenging learning environments that will meet the needs of all students.

School Email quakershil-p.school@det.nsw.edu.au
School Website www.quakershil-p.schools.nsw.edu.au
Type of School Primary Schools
Enrolments 663
Region Western Sydney


Quakers Hill CC21 Project Plan

CC21 Project Plan