QHPS – Where Are We Now?

Since opening our technology room late last term, we have had some interesting things happening across the whole school.  For example:


Usage Of The Hub

Term 1, 2013 – 1 class had visited the existing computer lab throughout this whole term

Term 3, 2013 – 8 classes had visited the new technology room (that replaced the computer lab) in one week.


Our hub has a focus on the theories of Stephen Heppell and is the ‘trial zone’ for ideas and technology.  Things that have been trialled in The Hub are now being transferred into classrooms.  For example:

* 5 kindergarten classes have all requested and received write on surfaces for brainstorming and sharing ideas

* 1 S3 class has requested and received a class set of Pendo Pads which are integrated into daily lessons

* 2 S3 classes are working on a two-to-one ratio of iPads in their rooms

* at the teachers request, microsoft surfaces have been introduced into the OC classes

* 18 classes have restructured rooms to include rooms within rooms, a space for sharing/working collaboratively/working independently, various focal points and the establishment of outdoor learning areas.

Professional learning this term has a strong focus on the new curriculum and the learning across the curriculum strand of ICT.  We have completed module 4 of the Australian curriculum, provided staff with time to play with program builder and worked with Barnier PS early career teachers in a joint professional learning experience on assessment.

During this journey we are very pleased with the amount of staff who have jumped in to investigate the new English syllabus and to consider the learning across the curriculum strands.  The professional dialogue that is taking place around assessment, programs, scope and sequences and units of work is abundant.  As with any school, we still have a few staff reluctant to move forward but have scheduled time off class for everyone to work collaboratively with colleagues to further investigate the English syllabus and resources available to support this transition.

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