Project plan


  • Implement a writing unit from Australian Curriculum English in term 2 2013.
  • Assess and track students digitally on the Litercay continuum (using Ipod technolgy)
  • Continue to support implementation of other strands in 2013 term 3 & 4 after evaluation of term 2 successes and areas of development
  • Embed purposeful learning technologies into lessons through Ipad and Apple TV technologies
  • Create a mulit modal approach to teaching literacy.

At JPPS at Project plans answers the 5 research questions.

  1. What teacher belief systems support ICT usage in the classroom, and how can they be supported to positively evolve?
  2. What is the current state of teacher knowledge in schools, and how can it be most effectively developed to support the effective implementation of the Australian Curriculum
  3. What are the contextual aids and constraints that influence teacher use of ICT in the classroom, and how can the environment be improved to best support teacher practice?
  4. How can contemporary technologies be most effectively used to support learning and teaching?
  5. How can an action research approach to learning technology innovation influence teacher practice?

This is how we aim to achieve our results

1- JPPS has moved forward with technology. All staff integrate it into their teaching but through the CC21 project, technology will be used to support assessment also.

2- JPPS have provided workshops on the English Australian Curriculum in 2012. In 2013  we will plan, implement and assess a unit of writing for the whole school which incorpartes Aust curriuculum content, outcomes and digital technologies embedded in T  & L

3- Purchasing of appropriate technologies is needed to track student progress but also keep details analysis of materials. We have many T&L tools already in place at school as well as a highly established and maintained wireless environment.

4- As we already have a bank of approx 40 Ipads for JPPS Ipod, MAcbook and AppleTV purchases are being explored.

5- Learning by doing, documenting successes, areas for improvement and collaborative plans will all effect teacher practices. Working together on 21st priorities is a step forward for all staff and the learning community


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