Project development term 2

Since returning to school this term, the team have:

# Held 2 professional learning sessions for staff. These sessions explored:
- what is 21st century learning and compared this to 20th century education and environments.
- why the need for change (eg, our last syllabus came out in the 90′s… What were you doing then?)
- we explored the school, teacher, learner and curriculum for the 21st century
- defined what 21st century learning is – bold, breaks the mould, flexible, creative, challenging, complex, addresses a rapidly changing world filled with new problems as well as exciting possibilities
- reviewed Wagner’s 7 capacities needed by students for 21st century skills
- reviewed a 21st info graphic of a 21st century classroom (
- we looked at what problem based learning looks like in a 21st century classroom

# thorough exploration of the new English curriculum and quality texts

# after discussions with our principal, we have decided to purchase an iPad, sound cable and iwb connection cords for each teacher. The idea being that each teacher can learn, share and up skill themselves prior to implementation in the classroom. Quotes are coming in as we speak.

# after feeling very nervous that our project was not on track….. We had a meeting with Cathie Howe about our project. Thank you Cathie, our minds are now at rest. At Pymble we have been exploring the new curriculum very deeply ( thanks to Ruth (AP) who is leading the implementation of the new curriculum ). We decided that the right direction for our school was to explore the new curriculum and 21st century pedagogies and then introduce the technologies and unit of work. This allowed us, as a school, to have a shared and deep understanding of what our big picture goal is and how is this going to be maintained and explored.


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