Progress so far at ENPS

Since our CC21 introduction,  we have met a couple of times to start planning our direction and to get started on the details We have added another member to our team so that the two year 6 teachers are involved. We have had a half day planning day,  where we started to write a unit of work around  our HSIE unit involving comprehension strategies and have begun to look  at what digital tools we will incorporate into the unit. We are deciding on which texts to use.

So far, I have placed the order for the 20 iPads , we have decided to use some of our project money to purchase 10 of the iPads, with the other 10 from the school. I have also followed up on our 15 new laptops that are arriving early term two. Wireless in 2 of our blocks is now installed and the third block should be ready soon.

Next plan is to meet again soon for another planning day to continue with the unit

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