Progress so far at ENPS

Since our last blog our team of four met to plan for this unit of learning. Although, the unit has primarily a strong HSIE focus, this unit will focus on developing students’ comprehension and critical literacy skills and to think creatively and imaginatively about the isues of sustainability. Students will respond and compose a variety of texts to demonstrate their understandiong of environmental sustainability and intergenerational equity by drawing upon their own personal and others experience, in particular, through the case study of the Murray Darling Basin.

Students will develop literacy skills using a range of genres and multi modal texts. Through reading, viewing, responding and composing texts students develop skills to gain meaning from these texts. Effective comprehension requires the use of an integrated range of techniques such as making connections, predicting, monitoring, visualising, questioning, summarising and evaluating. Students will be explicitly taught these skills through modelled guided and indepenent learning activities.

Our challenge is to use  digital devices to enhance student knowledge and understanings of the topic. Members of the team have spent some time  researching possibilities, however we seek the assitance and recommendations from others who have gone before us!!  We want the digital devices to cmpliment the learning in a deep and meaningful way.

Team members have also spent some time exploring the BOS ‘program builder’. Has anyone else begun to use this? We have some questions?

We are beginning our journey with the use of ipads and wifi. We seek advice from colleagues around managing the hardware at an introductory level initially and with planning for increased use in the near future.


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