Progress on the iPads

Our work with the iPads has been progressing well. I have learnt so much this term and it has been very rewarding to see the students so engaged. My favourite app has been Flipboard, where the students have been researching and have the websites all at hand in one place. We are going to start using Lino app tomorrow for Stage 3, using the post it notes to record the main idea in paragraphs read during research. This ties in very nicely with our TPL in Comprehension the last few weeks, as a summarising and monitoring strategy.

We received 10 more iPads last week which brings our school up to 30 iPads and our new syncing trolley and macbook arrived as well. We are in the process of learning more about the VPP and Apple Configurator and that will be underway at the end of the week.

Our biggest problem this term has been the Reflector program that we purchased not working properly, thus not allowing our iPads to mirror onto the IWBs. Has anyone else had this problem as well? The support from reflector fixed it the first time it didn’t work, but sadly it has happened again.

Our team will report back to the staff at our TPL meeting this week and the staff are looking forward to working with the iPads next term on a whole school basis.


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