Program Builder Discoveries

Today has been a very productive day for our project. We have been working on using the BOS Program Builder to create some units of work for Year 7.  Whilst very much a work in progress, I have attached a copy of our Length unit to give an idea of our thinking.  In many ways we are trying to break away from the textbook mould and provide student with as many relevant, interactive learning experiences as possible.

Stage 4 Length

In building this unit we found that when adding content using the Program Builder, it was better to add just one major element and its associated dot points at a time. This allowed for a complete row in a nice neat line for adding our teaching ideas and resources. Once the content was added, we exported to MS Word and subsequently uploaded to GoogleDocs.  The sharing function of the BOS Program Builder does not meet the needs of a faculty trying to collaboratively develop programs. It has a good variety of templates and lovely formatting, but shared documents are read only.  GoogleDocs on the other hand allows multiple users to edit simultaneously and can handle sharing with the number of staff in our faculty (more than the 10 maximum that the Program Builder allows).

Shirley Tubb.

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