Professional Development – iPods

‘So iPods aren’t just used to play my music then??!!’

During our teacher professional development meeting on Monday, the tech team leaders engaged the staff in training using various forms of techology. The Early Stage 1 team were involved in development that would boost their confidence in using and embedding the iPods in their daily teaching and learning programs. Our stage discussed the overall mechanics of the iPods and looked at the ways we could further engage our students in learning while using the iPods. We looked at a number of apps that are currently being used within our classrooms including ‘ABC Pocket Phonics’ and ‘Eggy words – Reading Eggs’.

Over the next few weeks the Early Stage 1 team are going to look at how and where in our program we feel we can strengthen the use of technology in particular use of the iPods. I will be exposing the Early Stage 1 team to the ‘iMovie’ app and discussing ways that we can use this. We will also be looking at apps that we can use within our morning literacy groups.

Laura McCarthy

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