Professional development – iPads

This week the team lead groups of interested staff members through some training in the various forms of technology available within our school. The purpose was to extend their skills, familiarity and confidence using the devices.
My group were using the ipads, discussing the use of consistent terminology (home button, five finger swipe, etc) across the school. We continued to explore the ways we could imbed the use of iPads/ tablets within our classrooms.
I was very pleased to able to use some of the wonderful apps I had explored whilst attending the Inspire Innovate Conference last term.
We investigated the use of ‘popplet’- a concept mapping apps which lends itself to use across all key learning areas.
We also looked at the newly devised ‘Targeting Maths’ apps, which provide opportunities to assess student progress in Mathematics.
Over the next two weeks the staff are going to use these apps within their classrooms and share their experiences the next time we meet.
From here, I plan to introduce them to three new creative apps – ‘Book Creator’, ‘Strip Designer’ and ‘Comic Book’ and also to develop their familiarity with the student response system ‘Socrative’.

Donna Jackson

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