Posting for the NS5

Posting as a coordinator of 5 school’s involvement in the CC21 project, my perspective is goin to be a little different.  One of the most innovative aspects of our involvement is the fact that we are a collaboration of 5 high schools, which gives us strengths beyond our capacity as individual schools.  The approach we are taking to this project – that is, for each school to work on a particular KLA and share the resulting programs and resources – means that we are both sharing the load of embracing the new curriculum and sharing ideas and practice accross the 5 high schools.

This approach has not been without its challenges.  The logistics of getting to know who is who and who is capable of doing what within the team, which is made up of teachers from the 5 schools, has been particularly challenging.  So to the challenge of deciding what, among all the options available to us, to focus on that will be both possible and beneficial for the 5 schools. While we have been somewhat slower to start than our primary counterparts, we are beginning to pick up the pace now and I’m most impressed with the ideas that are emerging from the group.

- Kathleen Curtis

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