Parent survey for BYOD

Today an email about the CC21 project went out to the Year 7 class that will be trialling the BYOD initiative with a newly written Australian Curriculum unit of work. Our Ipads and synching trolley have arrived, new furniture will be here soon and our learning ‘centre’ is in it’s early days. All our Apps have been purchased and the ipads have already been used by Yr 9. They have used the Shakespeare in bits App for Romeo and JulietĀ and are thrilled to use this new platform for such a text. Students have been using Popplet to make mind-maps of the characters and we are still trying to work out how to transfer student work. I have been double marking HSC Trial English papers and getting very stressed, sleep deprived, Extension 2 English students ready to submit their major works which are due next week. Anyway….come on the project! Nathalie

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