Our thoughts…

We have really enjoyed listening to everyone’s project proposals and the direction everyone is taking. We did have the thought, however, that it would have been nice to also share our projects in small groups which would have facilitated valuable conversations. Perhaps this is something we could do next time?

This week, members from our CC21 team are meeting in pairs to coordinate their grade projects. Everyone is very enthusiastic and I look forward to the flurry of ideas they come up with. We will share our final projects on the blog once they are completed. The team will be encouraged to use the SAMR model when considering the integration of technology into their literacy-based activities to ensure the iPads are being integrated effectively.

We will also work out a timetable for our after-school staff training sessions for Term 2. We also love the idea of sharing an App a week with the staff next term, allowing all staff to have ownership and share how they are using apps in the classroom.

Thanks for a great day (and for the lollies!)

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