NS5 Meeting

At the end of last term we had a progress meeting at St.Ives High School with the other NS5 schools. This was very informative. We found that there were a number of ways in which we could all benefit from each others work in furthering our project goals.

St.Ives have been looking into Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies  and with the end of the year 9 laptop roll out this is a pressing issue for all high schools. One of the potential benefits of BYOD is that there is no need for it to be restricted to year 9 and above. Students could start bringing in their own devices from year 7, which would open up more possibilities for teachers to make use of technology in the classroom.

At Killara we have been looking into pre and post testing students during the trial of our units of work that we have developed for the NSW Syllabus for the Australian Curriculum. We are unable to provide all year 7 maths classes with sufficient access to technology in order to complete the work planned in the new unit this year. However, this enables us to evaluate the effectiveness of our teaching and the student engagement and learning using authentic technology tasks compared with traditional teaching methods.  Our contribution to the other schools is in developing a framework for the pre and post testing and for assessing student engagement during lessons.  We may need some input from MACICT for this.

Shirley Tubb.

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