North Shore 5 (NS5) Partnership

The North Shore Secondary Schools Partnership (NS5) has been established to take advantage of the opportunities that accrue from inter-school collaboration and coordinated operations across five local public secondary schools serving adjacent localities on the North Shore.  It is made up of Chatswood, Killara, Ku-ring-gai, St Ives and Turramurra high schools.

The NS5 schools are participating jointly in the CC21 project and while each school will carry out their part of the project in their own ways, the overall approach is common and detailed below.

CC21 Project Overview and Planning

As part of the NS5 collaboration of high schools, Killara HS will pool resources to re-program key KLAs in line with the new curriculum, embedding innovative teaching practices and technologies at the programming level.  By sharing the work between the 5 high schools, we will be able to share the workload and make the most of local expertise.  This work will also be supported by the knowledge and expertise of the shared Technology Mentor as well as utilise the expertise of district Curriculum Consultants. The aim is to produce 5 programs that:

- Are based on the new curriculum template
- Are shared on a secure, collaboratively editable platform – Google Docs, once released
- Integrate contemporary pedagogies AND relevant technologies
- Contain links to online resources
We will also incentivise lead teachers in each school through low-cost hardware or other resource enhancements in their classrooms.
Planning Overview
Term 1 wks 7, 8:  Initial discussions with faculty HTs has confirmed KLAs to be targeted:
Killara: Year 7 Mathematics.  Year 7 was selected as it ties in with work already well-advanced on using innovative pedagogies and technology as part of the Middle Years Transition project.  Exploring making use of a highly-capable casual teacher to assist in resource development/discovery and project coordination.
St Ives: Year 9 English.  This choice was influenced by the uncertainty of the future direction of the DER laptop program.  It will include an investigation into alternate programs and align a new curriculum accordingly.  The St Ives English Faculty have also begun working closely with Christine Cigana, the English Curriculum Consultant for the region.
Turramurra: Year 9 History.  Turramurra are keen to collaborate with other schools in regards to the topic areas being planned for development.
Chatswood: Science, year to be confirmed.
Ku-ring-gai: Will contribute to another of the KLAs, yet to be confirmed.
By end term 1: 
Faculty planning to be completed with key staff identified and approach confirmed.  Relevant HTs will attend the Facilitator training for the new curriculum.
Faculty leads need to provide an outline of how funding will be spent.
Identify priority PL areas (e.g. assessment for learning, specific technologies if possible)
Term 2:
PL days at start of term: All staff will be receiving PD on the new programming tools during the first days of term.  This will be the starting point for programming work to commence.
Weeks 1-3: Initial preparation of draft programs using programming tool, focussing on assessment, using backwards-mapping principles.
Weeks 4-5: Focus on technology selection to underpin assessment.
Weeks 6-7: Focus on resource selection and development.
Weeks 8-9: Development of final programs in Google Docs (or sooner if available)