Attended  first CC21 meeting today. A wonderful opportunity for our school to purposefully plan for the inclusion of  ICT in the new National Curriculum. I am excited about our plan and look forward to sitting down together to strategically plan for its implementation with my team. I am delighted by my colleagues enthusiasm and willingness to embrace new challenges and their motivation to improve student outcomes in a meaningful, authentic manner. Our specific goal is to deelop student comprehension skills.

The biggest change will be that of pedagogy, and how to share that with  our staff. We will cooperatively plan, program, assess and teach, involving other teachers not present here today.

The installation of Wifi has begun in our school, we have ordered portable devices to use.

The initial program will target Year 6 and their teachers.

We will work on a program of learning to implement in term 2

We will share our journey with other interested teachers.





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