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Manly West Public School

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Griffith St, Balgowlah  NSW 2093   Phone   9948 2257  Fax   9907 0342

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Manly West Public School has an enthusiastic and supportive parent community working together to deliver academic, sporting and performing arts programs that ensure all students achieve learning outcomes in a caring environment. The school’s goal is to deliver education and training that inspires students to succeed in an inclusive environment that nurtures individual differences, fosters high expectations and prepares them for participation in a democratic and sustainable society.

The school has an outstanding reputation for its academic, cultural and sporting achievements. The positive school climate is evident through a strong student welfare program that includes a Student Representative Council.

Manly West has well-resourced classrooms equipped with multiple computers. There are Interactive Whiteboards in all classrooms and students have access to a PC and Mac computer lab. We value mobile technology as a means of enhancing student learning opportunities and in 2013, each classroom will be equipped with a set of six iPads. Wireless internet installation began in 2012 and will be completed school-wide during 2013.

Our CC21 Project Plan

At Manly West, we have ten teachers who are involved in our CC21 project. Teachers involved include executives and staff from K-6.

Access to technology at our school has grown significantly this year, particularly with the installation of wireless internet school-wide and the purchase of 130 new iPads. This has allowed each class their own set of 6 iPads. The major aim of our CC21 project team is to ensure that this technology will be employed effectively by all staff in order to create engaging, significant and differentiated learning experiences for students.

The CC21 team and the ICT committee have firstly discussed ways to support and enhance staff confidence with mobile technology. In Term 1, staff completed an ICT survey which helped us identify current ICT knowledge and the areas in which support and professional development was needed.  We have sought opportunities to send staff to a variety of courses and workshops to build technology skills and the ICT committee has also planned a variety of in-school training sessions that will be led by committee members. These sessions will run during Term 2 and will focus mainly on effective use of iPads and the sharing of lesson ideas. It is hoped these sessions will begin to equip staff with the skills they need to effectively utilise technology in the classroom.

The staff at Manly West are currently becoming familiar with the new Australian English Curriculum. The CC21 project team have therefore decided to work together to create engaging and differentiated small-group literacy activities based on this new curriculum which integrate mobile technology. Planning of these activities has already commenced and will be completed by the end of Term 1, ready for implementation in Term 2.  Once the team has implemented these activities within their own classrooms, it is hoped that activities will be shared across stages and implemented through mentoring and team teaching later in Term 2.

An Edmodo account has been set up to allow team members to share their ideas and progress once projects are underway. We hope to later extend this to all staff in order to create an online community where quality lessons and activities can be shared.

MWPS CC21 Project Plan