Making Progress…and more work…

We had a productive day working on our project- which has once again morphed and grown! We had planned to go through a new sustainability unit written for year 7 as part of the national curriculum and integrate technology with a view to using this unit as part of our BYOD trial. However we quickly discovered that this wasn’t the best approach as it requires a lot of changes. In hindsight we realise that it would have been more effective to start with an initial concept and technology rich assessment idea from which to backward map.

In light of this we have decided to re-write the program. We are going to maintain the sustainability focus and look at concepts/key questions of What is sustainability? What can I do? Why should I care? We are going to have an environmental and local, school based focus and lead students towards identifying and targeting sustainability issues in the school environment. We had hoped to use technology (such as iPads and smart phones) to have students create their own video campaigns that we could even run on the hallway monitors. However we quickly discovered that a (preferably free) multiplatform, device agnostic and effective video editing program is hard to come by…Even though we have ordered our iPad minis, these still present issues with saving, transferring and exporting student work and we haven’t yet worked out a solution to this.

Inspired by another project Cate and I have been working on, we are now planning a collaborative project in which each class will create a website about sustainability initiatives in the school, in which each student or small group will create a page on a different issue or initiative; current ideas include water conservation, Recycling, Reducing Waste, Littering, Energy Use, the Paperless School, Gardens, Wildlife, Student Involvement.

We are going to create an example page for students and chose to target littering/dealing with students who litter (we are taking a somewhat humorous approach). We were so inspired we ducked out to the playground at lunch to implement the first part of our initiative: The St Ives Chain Gang.

Chain gang2

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