MacICT Planning day

We have spent a really useful day at MacICT planning our Showcase presentation and sharing ideas with our colleagues.¬† After starting with the idea the our presentation would be somewhat of a Shakespearian tragedy as it unfolded we have come up with a format for our Showcase to tell ‘Our Story’ as a tale of ‘Adaptation’. We are hoping to model our showcase presentation around the ’21st century classroom’ and incorporate interacive elements that demonstrate ways we have been using technology in the classroom and the skills in flexibility and problem solving we have had to develop.

Our project has really  developed  over time as we have implemented programs using iPads and the new document camera/projectors. We have started preparing a Prezi presentation for our Showcase display, and have also discussed some solutions to some of our technical issues with the iPads which are shared among students.

The ‘Critical Friends’ session in the afternoon was useful in troubleshooting ideas within our project/presentation and was also a good way to try out new strategies for the classroom.

So far we have only had one response to our BYOD survey and will have to follow up on this with parents.

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