Killara Public School

Killara Public School

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Ridgeland Ave, Killara NSW 2071   Phone   9498 2397   Fax   9498 2549

Killara is a small school located on Sydney’s mid north shore. The school has enjoyed significant growth in the past five years. Each year an additional class has been formed, with student enrolment now double that of 1995. This is the result of changing demographics and an enhanced school reputation in the local area. Despite this rapid growth, Killara retains its special small community school culture. We – teachers, parents and students – know each other well and enjoy working together. Parents and local community members are actively involved on a daily basis in all aspects of life at Killara. The large grounds in a natural bush setting, surrounded by golf courses, contribute to a quiet, peaceful, harmonious atmosphere at Killara. At our school, each child is offered opportunities to reach his or her potential in academic, social, cultural and emotional areas. We aim to develop responsible, caring, thinking children who are confident users of technology and who are developing a love of learning.


For the CC21 project, we are looking to use the technologies already available in higher quality ways to improve student learning outcomes. We are also looking to use a portion of the funding to source new technologies including tablets. Alongside the specific focus on implementing the Australian Curriculum, the CC21 project will help to lead teacher professional development in the use of technologies for enhanced teaching and learning. The CC21 project will be lead by our Principal and by two classroom teachers, with the immediate implementation taking place in an Early Stage 1/Stage 1 composite class and in a Stage 3 class. We will be focusing on the Australian Science Curriculum, specifically on explicitly embedding the ICT and CCT capabilities to develop 21st Century education principles including creativity. Project-based learning will be one pedagogy that we will be looking to implement. The CC21 project in 2013 will act as a seedling project towards whole school implementation in 2014. As a whole school, we will be using the models developed in the CC21 project as a springboard for conceptual programming across KLAs.

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Type of School Primary Schools
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